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Home Design Selection

First, we learn what qualities you are looking for in a home. Qualities such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, and where you plan to build. This gives us a general picture of what you have in mind.

Site Analysis

Next, we analyze the site where the home is to be built. We obtain a site survey to determine if the home you wish to build works with the site. Our team will review and revise the plans to accommodate the site if needed. Once the plans work with your site, we will present them for your review. 

site analysis
conceptual floor plan

Conceptual Floor Plan

Our architectural designer will design a floor plan based on steps one and two. This plan is presented in person for review. The designer will create different schemes until you approve the conceptual floor plan. 

Exterior Elevations

Once you have approved the floor plans, we design the front elevation. At this point, an eight to nine-page set of specifications is developed describing the elements included in the home. Once you approve the front elevation, the remaining elevations are designed. 

exterior evations

The Estimate

Next, we create what is called a “Bid Set.” The Bid Set includes the floorplans, elevations, roof plan, a preliminary electrical plan, and the home specifications. These, in turn, are sent to our construction partners to determine the construction price. 

Construction Agreement and Engagement

The Divco construction agreement is the culmination of all agreed-upon construction documents describing the work to be performed by Divco’s team of professionals, such as plans and specifications with established standards and the homeowner’s homesite selection. Once signed, these documents enable the process to advance to the construction phase.



We submit contract-compliant plans for permitting, such as truss drawings, structural engineering plans, electrical, HVAC, and all other information needed for permit submission. 

Meet and Greet

We introduce you to the team that will be working on your home. The team will consist of your liaison, the head of construction, and your superintendent. Steve Kauffman, our CEO and the architectural designer, will also be meeting with you at this time. 

meet greet
Interior design board

Color Selections

During the selection process, you will receive professional guidance from our Divco Color Selection Consultant while viewing many visual aids in our on-site Design Studio. This process will culminate in a digital color book representing your selections.

The goal is to have all color selections and plan modifications accomplished and approved by the time the home’s slab is poured.

Home Construction

Complete and open communication from our administrative staff, customer liaisons, field management, and onsite management teams is always available to assist, clarify, and resolve matters that impact your new home. Never hesitate to reach out to us at (239) 592-7222.

Construction Naples
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After construction is complete, we do a walk-through with you. If any items need to be completed, we create a punch list and address them to your satisfaction. Once the home is ready, we review your warranty information with you, and you are ready to move into your new home.

We Offer 2 - 10 Buyers Warranty

For nearly 40 years, 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty has been a market leader in helping people protect one of life’s most significant investments with new construction structural warranties, systems, and appliances coverage for new and existing homes.

The renowned company has covered over 5.8 million homes in its lifetime. 2-10 partners with thousands of the nation’s top real estate professionals, home builders, and service contractors to help home buyers, sellers, and owners mitigate risk, save money, and receive protection from the unexpected; for more information visit

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