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This Is How We Earned Our Reputation as the Best Home Builder in Florida

What are the necessary factors for a business in establishing a great rapport and an even better long-lasting reputation with their clientele? The old adage: “build it and they will come,” isn’t enough. Through attributes such as consistency, quality, value and transparency, you can build a rapport with your clients, which will, in turn, spread your business by word of mouth helping to build your reputation with your customers and beyond.

Always Exceed Expectations

There’s a reason why the saying “under promise and over deliver” rings true. Before designing and building a custom home, clients need reasonable expectations. Setting fundamental expectations and literally working from the ground up helps establish realistic standards for the scope of work before construction begins. Divco Custom Homes not only provides a plethora of services, raising the bar for the custom home building experience, but we also walk the client through the process step-by-step, managing everthing from expenditures to design, thereby making the entire process run smoothly for every client. The Divco process has enabled our team to collaborate constructively with the client, providing them with the customization they need while managing the legwork and processes behind the scenes to make the customer’s vision a reality. If you want to see the Divco procedure, you can find it here.(hyperlink)


Communication between the Divco team and our clients is also critical to our reputation. We understand that transparency is essential throughout the home-building process. Divco specializes in keeping the customer informed about the more difficult aspects of the process. Modifications to the contract are thoroughly communicated with the customer prior to embarking upon any changes. Customers are guided through a detailed process with the team, with full disclosure of unplanned events, their transaction costs and any additional issues that may develop during the construction period. Another crucial distinction separating Divco from other home builders is that the entire team interacts openly with customers on a routine basis.


Consistency constitutes the foundation of a good reputation. People want to know what to expect from a service provider. Consistency is embedded in the very fabric of our operation at Divco Custom Homes. We have maintained outstanding relationships with our suppliers and vendors for decades, and Divco has managed to pull through and secure the greatest building materials to produce the best experience for our clients despite the fluctuation of supply chain difficulties. Divco Custom Homes is committed to perfection, and we maintain that standard by creating positive relationships with all of our partners, suppliers, and, most importantly, our clients, in order to provide the greatest custom home construction experience in Florida.

Divco Custom Homes has been able to maintain a healthy and rising reputation in the custom home building market by embracing these values. As Florida’s most widely recognized home builder, we use all of our resources each and every day to maintain consistency, offer feedback, have transparent communication and constantly surpass our valued clients’ expectations. If you are interested in working with Divco Custom Homes to build your custom home, call us today at (239) 592-7222 or visit our contact page and request a consultation with more information!