Quality Homes & Quality Relationships

Over the course of three decades and counting, more than 1,350 home buyers just like you have enjoyed the quality relationship that develops when DIVCO is selected as the custom home builder of choice.

You are a person who does your homework. You have invested a considerable amount of thought regarding all aspects of building your custom home in Florida, and now you are ready to proceed. The secure financial position you are in today is no accident: you planned for a future of great quality and means, so you will hold your home builder to a similar investment-minded quality standard. DIVCO is honored to be among the custom home builders you are considering.

Whether you prefer a home on the waterfront, a golf course, or a sprawling estate site, DIVCO promises to provide clear direction and open, two-way communication alongside superb workmanship as we build to your specifications in any one of the 60+ different communities and neighborhoods in our area.  Collectively representing over 90 years of experience, our team will work as diligently as you would to create a top-quality home for your top-quality life. 

No matter what stage within your home building journey you are —whether starting from square one, or having your site and house plans in hand already— we sincerely hope you choose DIVCO to accompany you on the path that will ultimately lead to your personal expression of superb Florida living for many years to come. 

If you have any questions about a potential home building relationship with DIVCO, please call us at (239) 592-7222. We look forward to getting to know you! 

While very custom home building story is unique, our customers agree that these nine elements are consistent when walking the home building journey with DIVCO from start to finish:

1. CHOOSE NEW HOME SITE: Location. Location. Location.

You have heard it before because it is true; your selected home site location matters a great deal for many reasons.  Align your priorities and develop a clear path — be it the beach, boating, the arts, golf or some other amenity that is important to you, there are several ways to narrow your home site selection.

One solution is to talk directly to the people at one of the DIVCO Custom Homes Model Center.  Gain the experience that living in the area for over 30 years can provide.  Contact a DIVCO New Home Sales Consultant to learn about the area’s fine communities and neighborhoods in which DIVCO has a presence.

You may have had a conversation with a trusted friend that has visited the area or has moved  to the area.  Learning additional information regarding the lifestyle is invaluable.

A licensed REALTOR® may be selected to assist you in finding a homesite for your new home, be it a vacant site or the removal of an existing home, either selection can provide you with the location you desire.

The sales staff located within a particular gated community will be able to provide needed information specific to the community you are visiting. Ultimately, you must gain a comfort level within the process. You can’t be in Southwest Florida as long as we have without kn owing the area; our team can provide professional  guidance and assistance.


Take enjoyment in the development of your new home: engage in open communication and enjoy the experience of having your new personal residence designed and constructed by the competent team of experienced professionals at DIVCO Custom Homes.   We listen to what you have to say and  ask the right questions that assist in building a strong relationship based upon trust, respect and competence.

DIVCO’s furnished model homes provide an excellent opportunity for home buyers to see and touch our quality workmanship. What’s more, personalizing model homes according to your needs and desires is a benefit we offer to every homeowner.  In addition to our furnished models, numerous DIVCO customer homes can provide valuable visual aids for setting your expectations. Please contact us to request a tour of furnished models and/or completed homes in the area.
Developing a realistic budget that meets your needs is an important component of the DIVCO DESIGN-BUILD process.  Our professional advice and guidance, based on over 30 years of experience in this market, is invaluable in order to achieve success in creating your new home.

Do you desire to build a one-of-a-kind custom home? Great. That’s our specialty—many of our customers choose this approach.  DIVCO offers experienced management in new home development, whether the custom design work is being done internally by DIVCO, or by one of the many local architects or residential designers that DIVCO has worked with over the years.  Employing a capable team from the onset ensures greater success of the project.


Our extensive DESIGN-BUILD experience has enabled us to develop a customer-centric process that helps you visualize your proposed home, and brings your desired finishing levels to life.

DIVCO’s Design Studio was specifically created with you, the homeowner, in mind. In our Design Studio, you will establish desired standards for your home and then, in turn, choose the actual finishes.

DIVCO has developed a 4-phase selection process, guided by our Design Consultant, that enables our customers to become familiar with the various material standards that can be selected as a part of the pricing process for your home.  DIVCO’s continued guidance and hands-on demonstration in our Design Studio helps homeowners achieve their desired goals, both aesthetically and financially.

Additionally, all of DIVCO’s reputable and established licensed vendors of finishing products have substantial show rooms where you can expand the finishing selections for your new home if desired.


DIVCO’s DESIGN-BUILD team capability enables us to develop conceptual designs (or complete working drawings) prior to entering into a DIVCO Construction Agreement with a home buyer, depending on the scope of the home. Transforming the information gathered from previous meetings and discussions will help us develop a home design that depicts your vision. Our team is quite comfortable with any of the following scenarios:

SCENARIO #1 | When a home buyer wants to modify one of the DIVCO Collection floor plans: Existing designs can be easily transformed through the DIVCO design CAD department. Personalizing the home can be done expeditiously and with careful consideration of the home’s price; the home buyer bears no financial expense in this process.

SCENARIO #2 | When a home buyer wants to create their own custom design from the ground up: Our DESIGN-BUILD approach means that we can manage and prepare construction working drawings for 100% custom private residences, even when your ideas are substantially complex. The financial commitment to the home buyer varies depending on the scope and scale of the desired new home. A private meeting to discuss the building experience and process is a simple phone call away at 239-592-7222.

SCENARIO #3 | When a home buyer has already purchased house plans from a third party: Occasionally, a home buyer has taken on the task of having a custom home designed by a professional architect or residential designer and is seeking a construction price for the already-designed home.  From the existing plans, DIVCO will prepare detailed specifications based upon the owner’s standards, or the standards available at the DIVCO office.  Together, the homeowner and DIVCO team will come to an agreement for the construction of the home design.


The DIVCO Construction Agreement is the culmination of all agreed-upon construction documents that describe the work to be performed by DIVCO’s team of professionals, such as plans and specifications with established standards and the homeowner’s home-site selection. Together, these documents enable the process to advance toward the construction phase.

Following the signing of the DIVCO Construction Agreement, and while DIVCO is preparing the required engineering and other ancillary requirements for permitting, the homeowner will schedule several meetings with the DIVCO Color Selection Consultant in our Design Studio conveniently located on the 2nd floor of our corporate office.
During the period of time between the signing of the agreement and the commencement of construction, DIVCO will prepare the various submittals required for community approvals and/or permitting.


During our simplified 4-phase selection process, you will receive professional guidance from our DIVCO Color Selection Consultant while viewing many finishing visual aids in our onsite Design Studio.  This process will ultimately culminate in a digital color book that represents the selections made with the Color Selection Consultant. If, in the event a particular color selection or product is not available in the Design Studio, DIVCO’s specialty vendors have exceptional show rooms and are available by appointment to assist customers.

If, during the selection process, a homeowner selects a product of a different standard level than what is in the DIVCO Construction Agreement, or if there is a request for a plan modification, pricing of the new selection or plan modification will always be presented to the homeowner for approval prior to DIVCO taking action on the change. The goal is to have all of the color selections and plan modifications accomplished and approved by the time the home’s slab is poured.  Accomplishing this strategic goal will make the home building process much more enjoyable for the homeowner.


We are about to transform a visionary idea into reality: the culmination of your thoughts and emotions is about to take form as a fully-personalized custom residence.  You will undoubtedly experience a range of thoughts and ideas during the process — the DIVCO team will be available to guide you throughout your journey.

Because you made your finishing selections early in the process, you will be able to better enjoy the experience, knowing that critical decisions have already been made and that DIVCO can properly schedule the construction of your home.

Well in advance of the commencement of construction, you will have had the opportunity to meet the entire group of DIVCO team members that will be active throughout the construction process.  Open access to all of our DESIGN-BUILD professionals in their respective disciplines is one of the important attributes that separates DIVCO from other builders.


There will be fresh ideas, questions, curiosity (and even concern) from time to time, and that is normal.

Complete and open communication from our administrative staff, customer liaisons, field management and onsite management is consistently available to assist, clarify and resolve matters that impact your new home.  All communication channels are open throughout the entire process.

Never hesitate to reach out to us at (239) 592-7222. There will be times during construction when your presence will be vitally important, and there will be times when you simply want to “take in” the experience and realize the personalized fruits of your effort.


It started with an idea and a vision. It led to a decision on where to build your home — an affirmation of your lifestyle. The vision then transformed to a Florida home on paper. In many ways, it consumed your thought process; it created a level of elated concerns not often experienced in life.  With DIVCO at your side at every step of your journey, it is now a reality. It is distinctly YOURS.  You have arrived at the much anticipated final stop in your DIVCO customer journey.

Welcome home!