Marco Island Homes for Sale | Five Reasons to Build on Marco Island
Reasons to Build on Marco Island

Did you know that Marco Island was ranked as the #1 island in the USA? It’s no wonder so many people flock here every year to build their custom home and live their lives on island time. If you’re looking for a reason to build on Marco Island, here are five that will convince you it’s a no brainer.

Marco Island is a waterfront paradise

There’s a reason the Gulf of Mexico is often referred to as the “paradise coast”, and Marco Island fits right in. It truly is a haven for any water-loving individual. From stretches of brackish water to unspoiled beaches, Marco Island proves to be a waterfront paradise time and time again. This exceptional island sets the stage for excellent boating and fishing opportunities. In fact, the Annual Mullet Festival is hosted by the tiny village of Goodland on Marco Island every January. The community celebrates the fish, not the hairstyle, with fresh fried mullet and other fresh fish that round out the menu along with wacky entertainment.

Whether you own your own or would rather go on a tour, boats are the ideal way to get a taste of Marco Island like you’ve never seen it before. Whatever you decide to do, it’s impossible to not be happy on the water.

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Marco Island has the best beaches

A waterfront custom home on Marco Island will also give you access to some of Southwest Florida’s most pristine beaches. As a bonus, most offer free public access. The area’s beaches are prime for shelling and rival other popular shelling destinations such as Sanibel Island. While you’re bound to find perfect shells and sea treasures all along the beaches, if you hop on a boat and head to the outer undisturbed islands, the sandbars are an endless source of collectible shells you’ll cherish forever.

If you prefer to sit on the beach and watch the waves roll in, you’ll be delighted to see dolphins frolicking in the water. In fact, the 10,000 Islands Dolphin Project is perhaps the only scientific research project that’s funded by tourism. The dolphin tours you can take from Marco Island will fund the preservation of their habitat so people can enjoy their free, playful spirits for years to come.

There’s lots of adventure on Marco Island

Marco Island is the largest of the so-called Ten Thousand Islands, a strip of mostly uninhabited mangrove islands that stretch from Naples down to the southern tip of Florida’s mainland. Anyone who craves adventure from saltwater fishermen, to nature lovers, kayakers and paddle boarders, photographers and so much more, will absolutely love this unspoiled haven for wildlife.

If you’re an adventurer, a custom home on Marco Island will give you access to this pure stretch of coastline where something new awaits you in your own backyard.

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Nature is all around you on Marco Island

By building a home on Marco Island, you will have access to Florida’s finest – wildlife, nature trails and pure beauty.

If you haven’t gotten the hint already, nature will surround you on Marco Island. Beyond water-based nature activities, one of the top birdwatching spots is the USA at Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary,  a short drive away from Marco Island and the Everglades. Hikers can enjoy ranger-guided swamp walks through the Big Cypress National Preserve and Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the lack of bugs in these areas, as many of the native plants and animals feast on the mosquitos and their larva. Marco Island is also the primary habitat of the endangered Florida panther, the state’s official animal. And for botanists, Marco Island is the orchid capital of the United States.

Eco-friendly guided tours are readily available on Marco Island, and will take you into the nation’s only subtropical mangrove forest. If you own your own vessel, feel free to take it out and zip around the water or stop to watch the local birds hunt for fish.

Art is everywhere

If you’re not much of a nature buff, perhaps the arts are more your forte and Marco Island has plenty to offer you. The Malenda Trick Art Gallery, the Local Color Art Gallery and Blue Mangrove Gallery are just a few of the many art galleries on the island. The Marco Island Center for the Arts also hosts classes, events and rotating exhibits. Not to mention, the city often hosts arts and crafts festivals and juried art shows. 

If you’re looking discover additional art outside of Marco Island, nearby Naples was named the “#1 Small Art Town in America” by author John Villani in his book “The 100 Best Art Towns in America.”

From abstract to opera, Naples has plenty of venues that are sure to please the ardent art lover. There are over 100 art galleries in the greater Naples area, art fairs are held throughout the year and performing art centers like Artis-Naples feature noteworthy performances. Recently, the Broadway cast of Hamilton performed on the Naples stage!

If you’re now convinced that it’s time to experience all that Marco Island has to offer by building a custom home there, contact the experts at Divco Custom Homes. Divco is a luxury custom home builder that has over 35 years of experience and has completed over 1,200 of Southwest Florida’s most notable luxury homes. For more information on their experience and process, visit the Divco Custom Homes website by clicking here