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Questions to Ask a General Contractor Before Hiring Them

The responsibility of a general contractor is a big one – complete your dream project. In order to ensure they’re going to get the job done right, here are the questions you should ask your general contractor before hiring them. 

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What’s your license number?

If you’re unable to find the company’s license number on their website or in advertisements you’ve seen, be sure to ask for it. If they are unable to provide one to you, do not work with them. A general contractor that is not properly licensed demonstrates an inability to get the job done right and a tendency to cut corners. In addition to making sure a general contractor is licensed, check to make sure they’re bonded, insured, are knowledgeable of proper permitting and are prepared to communicate with your homeowner’s association on issues such as disposal of materials, working on weekends and if there are any building restrictions within your HOA.

Where can I find examples of your completed work? 

Look for examples of the general contractors completed work to familiarize yourself with the projects they have completed, their capabilities and their skills. Examples of their completed work should be found on their website or in a portfolio. If possible, visit a model in person to get a real feel for their projects and to determine if they’re up to par with what you’re looking for. When viewing the model, take a look at the architecture and design of the home. Furnishings and paint color can be changed, but whether or not it’s built soundly and where the walls are located possibly cannot.

Does your company take on projects of my scope?

During or after you’ve thoroughly explored the contractors completed work, ask yourself if the examples you’ve seen look like the project you’re wanting to embark upon. If not, ask the contractor if they take on projects of your scope. Perhaps they haven’t been given the opportunity to complete a unique project like yours, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t eager to or they don’t have the skills to. Either way, it’s essential to confirm that the contractor has the necessary skills for your project. 

Who will be working on my project? 

It depends on the company, but the person you initially meet with to discuss your project and goals may not be the person with their boots on the ground. If this turns out to be the case, ask to meet the project manager. This will be the individual who’s working on your project day in and day out to make sure your job gets completed. The trust you put in them is just as important as the trust you put into the company you hire. 

How will your company be working on my project? 

Remodeling isn’t always a 9-5 job. Depending on the contractor, their work may start earlier, end later or flow into the weekends. Discuss with the general contractor their planned work schedule before the job begins. This will allow you to prepare, adjust your lifestyle for the upcoming task and save you some headaches. 

What is your company’s preferred method of communication? 

Clear communication during your project is key. Because you’re not the expert, from day one you should assess if the contractor is talking in a way that’s over your head and establish a form of conversation that you can understand. 

In addition to understanding the communication on your project, it’s important to discuss how you’re going to communicate daily, so you know what to expect and so you can maintain contact with your contractor throughout your project. Will the contractor reach out to you via telephone calls, texts, email, web-based platform, etc.? 

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