Marco Island Home Builder | Key Advice from Divco Custom Homes
Key Advice from a Marco Island Home Builder

Building a home in Florida, especially in Southwest Florida, poses both challenges and opportunities. Marco Island is a well-known waterfront paradise and a place many people would love to call home. If you’re unfamiliar with the area, the experts at Divco Custom Homes are here to provide you with key advice as an experienced Marco Island home builder.

It’s important to understand lots are scarce

The real estate market is red hot in Southwest Florida. According to David Cobb, a regional director of Zonda Advisory since 2013, who recently spoke at Market Watch, “Buyers, from such areas as New York and New Jersey, are fleeing bigger cities, towns and regions, in favor of smaller ones, such as Southwest Florida, a trend that’s only mushroomed since the coronavirus pandemic hit last year,”

Homebuilders, Realtors, and those who live in our area can attest to this and are feeling the stress of fewer available lots as new homes pop-up daily. However, an experienced Marco Island homebuilder like Divco can overcome this by encouraging those looking to move there you must consider a lot that gives you the ability to build a two-story home, a tear down of an existing home to rebuild, or purchase two lots in order to have the amount of land you’re looking for.

Marco Island Custom Home Interior | Divco Custom Homes

Building a home on Marco Island has a set of challenges

Many of the homes on Marco Island are waterfront homes. The reward of owning such a home lies in their stunning sunset views, and waterfront lifestyle, which will always outweigh its building challenges. Challenges, however, are something a pro Marco Island homebuilder like Divco takes in stride.

When building a Marco Island home, it’s imperative that the home is built for Florida. Meaning, the home is constructed to withstand would-be hurricanes and the tests of time that come with Southwest Florida like year-round sunshine and salty air. Marco Island homes should also have a strong seawall to withstand these tests from Florida as well. Divco works with the best subcontractors in Southwest Florida to give you perfect results for your new Florida home.

Do your research on homebuilders

The responsibility of a homebuilder is a great one — to make your dream home a reality so you can live your dream life. It’s essential to do your own research in order to put your trust — and money — in the right hands. There are a number of essential questions to ask and it’s important to understand their homebuilding process since no two companies are the same.

Indulge in the benefits

As the premier Marco Island homebuilder, Divco Custom Homes knows all about the benefits of island life. From living in a waterfront paradise, and fishing straight from your dock, to lounging on the beaches, and dining at delicious restaurants and more, Marco Island is a place you’ll love to call home.  

Divco Custom Homes has been the premier custom home builder in Southwest Florida for over 35 years. Divco has completed over 1,200 of Southwest Florida’s most notable luxury homes. For more information on their experience, process and virtual tours, visit the Divco Custom Homes website at