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Hurricane Protection for Your Southwest Florida Home

As the Southwest Florida summer starts to wane, we find ourselves in the middle of “hurricane season.” Hurricane season begins in June and lasts through the end of November. Although the area is known for its paradise-like weather, during these months the chances of heavy rain, tropical storms, and even hurricanes increase.

If you are a Southwest Florida homeowner or thinking of making the area your new home, here are some tips to prepare for hurricane season on the Paradise Coast.

Storm Shutters

One of the first steps in protecting your Southwest Florida home is to install storm shutters on your windows. This will protect against any flying debris that may occur during a heavy windstorm or hurricane.

Many people use retractable hurricane shutters that are easy to “roll up and down” for effortless installation when needed. If you are traveling during hurricane months, it is a good idea to keep the shutters on just in case a storm arises when you’re not around.

Remove Potential Debris

Another way to protect your windows is to remove any potential debris from your outdoor living areas. During a tropical storm, items such as outdoor planters, patio furniture, playsets, and other items are susceptible to high winds and could damage your property. If you know a storm is coming, take the time to safely store these potentially hazardous items.

Clean Gutters Regularly

A very simple way to protect your Southwest Florida home during hurricane season is to clean your gutters regularly. From May 15 through October 15, the area experiences three-quarters of the average rainfall (45”) meaning that your gutters will get dirty.

By regularly cleaning your gutters, you can prevent major backups or damages from sticks, mud, or anything else that may block your roof’s drainage.

Stock the Home

One of the most important ways you can prepare your Southwest Florida home for a hurricane is to stock your house with storm essentials.

Essentials include 3-days’ worth of water, nonperishable foods, batteries,flashlights, radio to listen to news, first aid kits including basic medications, blankets, waterproof clothing, and anything else you believe you and your family need. In case of flooding or a severe storm, you may have to stay in your home without power for some time, so be sure to have essential items on hand in case of an emergency.

A Homebuilder That Cares

Divco Custom Homes is a Southwest Florida custom home builder that has been creating luxury properties for over 35 years. With more than 1,200 homes built throughout the Paradise Coast, Divco cares about building homes that last – even through the toughest of storms.

For starters, Divco uses the latest storm-safe technology and materials to build your home to ensure the safety and longevity of your project. With over three decades of experience, Divco is connected with the area’s leading architects so that you can be sure that the structural integrity of your home is strong and sound.

Divco Custom Homes also is committed to caring for our homeowners even after their project is complete. That is why we proudly offer a 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty on all our custom homes to protect one of life’s biggest investments. For more information on Divco Custom Homes visit or call the office today at (239) 592-7222.