Home Styles to Consider for Your Florida Home | Divco Custom Homes
Home Styles to Consider for Your Florida Home

When it comes to Florida homes, there are many home styles from which to choose. In fact, some of the most popular home styles for Florida homes include modern, transitional, coastal and Old Florida.

Modern Home Style | Divco Custom Homes


Modern homes distinguish themselves from other styles through their crisp, clean lines, geometric shapes and spacious open floor plans. Large, unadorned windows are often used in the design to allow as much natural light in as possible.

Intentional and thoughtful décor says a lot without having to add much to the interior and normally utilizes natural materials and a neutral color palette. Although trends are everchanging, modern homes are the most popular with today’s homebuyers. 

Coastal Home Style | Divco Custom Homes


Coastal homes pull their inspiration from the water that surrounds them. That’s why so many fit in so beautifully with the Florida landscape. These homes are crafted with the water-loving homeowners in mind and typically include spacious, stately floor plans and sweeping seascape views.

Not to mention, coastal homes are structurally engineered for waterfront living, ideal for those who crave the outdoor Florida experience of leisure with activities such as boating, offshore fishing, back bay paddling and all things coastline.

Transitional Home Style | Divco Custom Homes


Transitional homes combine traditional and contemporary architecture, design, furniture, finishes, materials and fabrics to create a timeless home. Stately and generous layouts ideal for study/office or bonus room spaces are often incorporated.

The color palette of these homes often relies on a lack of color to create a clean look. However, dark brown is often used to add depth and balance to frequently used neutral colors like taupe, tan and vanilla. These homes also encourage personal and creative tastes when it comes to thinking about furnishings, which in turn really makes it a home.

Old Florida Home Style | Divco Custom Homes

Old Florida

Old Florida homes are characterized by metal roofs, raised floors and large porch areas, some that wrap around the entire home. Straight, central hallways are also found from the front to the back of the home.

The original Old Florida homes were designed to keep the homes as cool as possible and to be functional in Florida’s heat before the advent of air conditioning. Modern day variations may be “new” Florida, but they are reminiscent of Florida’s rich history.

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