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Highlighting the Most Popular Kitchen Trends of 2022

As we enter autumn, many homeowners will soon be preparing their kitchens and dinner tables for guests, family, and friends. Whether it’s a holiday feast, a game day meal or simply an intimate gathering – the fall months are best spent in your dream kitchen.

For those looking to redesign and update their kitchen, we have compiled some of the most popular kitchen trends of 2022 for your space.

Warmer Colors and Stains

A popular kitchen trend in 2022 is the use of darker colors and stains on kitchen cabinetry. This new style yields a warm feeling to a high-traffic space in your home. From coastal to traditional-style kitchens, many homeowners are using darker colors such as brown, black, or navy on their cabinetry to offer a livable and beautiful look to their space.

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Double Kitchen Islands

One kitchen trend that many home buyers are requesting is a double island. A double island consists of two separate islands that make hosting and entertaining very easy to do. Here, two is better than one as you will have plenty of space for all your kitchen needs including more space for preparation, bar top seating, and an area for guests to gather around. Not to mention the amount of storage you will be able to add with a double island.

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Outdoor Kitchens

Another major trend is the addition of an outdoor kitchen to the home. Depending on the area, and the weather, more homeowners are cooking outdoors. An outdoor kitchen is not just for grilling anymore, as many use their outdoor kitchen to prepare drinks, host parties, or create their favorite fall snacks under the cool breezes of the season.

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Matching Backsplashes and Countertops

Many kitchens around America are designing their space with matching backsplashes and countertops in 2022. This modern trend is a unique selling point as buyers will be able to feast their eyes on the layout and the appliances of the kitchen, rather than being distracted by different surfaces and finishes. This unified luxurious look adds a cohesive and clean feel to your kitchen and will be a great conversation starter for your guests – and a pleasant design feature that you’ll love.

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Storage, Storage, and More Storage

Perhaps one of the most popular and longest-lasting design trends is adding storage to your kitchen. Whether you have a spacious open-concept kitchen or live in a studio apartment, everyone benefits from extra storage in the kitchen.

With spacious cabinets around the space, above your appliances, or below your island, you will be able to store all your kitchen necessities without having to clutter another room of your home. If your kitchen is becoming too small for your growing family, it may be time to for a new space. For those looking for a new place to call home, trust the luxury builders at Divco Custom Homes to build your dream residence in paradise.

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With over three decades of experience in the home building industry, Divco understands modern design trends and creates spaces that homeowners will love for years to come.

In keeping up with the designs and building desires of buyers, Divco Custom Homes is releasing 3 new home models for those looking to move to Southwest Florida in the next year. The new models include the Amelia, Azure, and Bellina. 

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