Go Beachy with Your Waterfront Home | Beach House Interior Inspiration
Go Beachy with Your New Custom Home

Have you ever been asked the question “If you could be anywhere right now where would you be?” If you answered “somewhere on a beach” your happy place isn’t as far as way as you think. Unfortunately, most of us can’t spend every day at the beach. But we can take inspiration from our beloved happy places and bring them into our homes, so every day feels like paradise.

Before going beachy with your custom home, first think to yourself “Which beach is my happy place?” Determining whether you would rather be on a quaint beach on Cape Cod or a tropical oasis in the Bahamas will determine how you decorate your home.

If you’re leaning more towards a northern beach, to get inspiration for your décor picture what you see on these beaches. Is it a lighthouse, seagulls or children playing? Are the waves crashing or gently rolling up to the shore? Using your senses will give you a new perspective on how to decorate your home and how it relates to your peace. To decorate your home with more or a northern beach vibe as if you’re in the Hamptons or Cape Cod, replace your colored linens with whites. Northern beaches tend to have more of a crisp, clean feel compared to lakes and rivers. Having white fabrics in your home will make it feel luxurious and classy. The bright white can be complemented by light blue or other colors that match the theme of your coastal paradise. A homeowner can also get inspiration from the landscape of their favorite beach. Wispy grasses from the large dunes that put the beach just out of your sight can be brought in the home and put in a vase. This is done not only for decoration, but for comfort. If your happy place involves boating, add nautical prints and decorations around your home so you may set sail to paradise.

For a tropical oasis, bright colors and bold statement pieces are the way to go. When I think of a tropical paradise like South Florida, I imagine bright blue water, palm trees and a never-ending summer. The key to giving your coastal home a tropical theme is to bring the outside in. Allow your home to have lots of indoor or outdoor, tropical plants that will do well with humidity and sunlight. People who live in the tropics spend a lot of time outdoors. It may be worth to add a hammock to your front porch, backyard or dock to relax like the locals do when they’re on island time. A tropical home also welcomes brighter colors contrasted against white or black and bold patterns. You can also gain inspiration from what you find on the beaches in your happy place. Tropical places tend to have more wildlife and more intricate shells due to the lack of waves. Consider adding décor that incorporates the shells you’ve found over the years or that pays homage to the sea turtle nests you see on the beach during the summer months. If you’re willing to make a drastic change as a homeowner to really give your space that beachy feel, add a heated saltwater pool to your yard that has a slight incline like you’re walking into the crystal-clear waters of the Bahamas. Adding specific tropical plants and grasses, like Bermuda grass, in your yard will transport you to the tropics.

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