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Five Reasons Our Waterfront Homes are the Best in Florida

Divco Custom Homes is a luxury custom home builder that has been building dream homes for over 40 years. They build the best waterfront homes in Florida for five reasons:

1. They know the area.

Divco Custom Homes knows Florida. They have been building in Southwest Florida for over 40 years! After completing over 1,200 projects, their experience allows them to build dream homes that are not only the best looking on the block but are also practical for the local climate. Their waterfront homes have open and airy outdoor areas that allow the homeowners to bring the outside in. Here they can cook, eat dinner and spend time outside like so many Floridians love to do. Their homes embody the true Floridian lifestyle by being an open-concept that faces a body of water, ideal for the boater who is eager to get out on the water or the individual who just wants to watch the sunset from their pool. If you’re not a Florida native, Divco’s employs four new homes sales consultants that are each an expert in a given area in Southwest Florida. These areas include Naples, Marco Island, Bonita Beach and more. Based on a family’s hobbies, budget, jobs and more, the new home sales consultants are able to expertly and accurately help families find the perfect plot of land to build their dream home.

2. The homes are built for Florida.

Divco’s custom homes are as beautiful as they are strong. After building in Florida for over 40 years, the Divco team has seen a hurricane or two. When living in a state prone to hurricanes, it would be a disservice for a company to build a home that would survive a storm. Hurricane Irma tore up the Gulf Coast of Florida in 2017. There were 10 homes under construction in Marco Island at the time of the storm, one within a couple blocks from the beach in Naples and a dozen in Miramar Lakes. With credit to Divco’s building methods, materials and recently updated building codes to which Divco strictly follows, all homes survived the storm. At the time, four homes were ready to close at the time and one was sold within two weeks after the storm had hit.

Take it from Antonia. She had a home built by Divco and here’s what she had to stay about how it held up during the hurricane “I thank you Divco for building a great home that withstood [Hurricane] Irma. We had no damage at all. All my neighbors had roof problems and with newer homes than mine and us nothing. I would recommend Divco to whomever want to build an excellent home in looks, and good structure. I love my home.”

Divco Custom Homes Outdoor Space

3. You have lots of options.

When building a person’s dream home, Divco understands that it is not a linear process and that each homeowner will have a different vision for their home. For this reason, Divco has a multitude of options for the future homeowner to pick from. Whether it’s a home with stately floor plans and seascape views or something with a more traditional, thoughtful design. Maybe the model home you’ve fallen in love with hasn’t been built on the water yet. Don’t worry – Divco can build it. In total, there are 28 models to choose from in seven collections. The homeowner is also able to make changes to existing models if it does not fit their lifestyle or have a custom build if they see fit. Divco’s skilled team members have one goal in mind: to build you the perfect home.

4. They specialize in building in the best part of Florida.

Divco has been building in Southwest Florida for over 35 years – and for good reason! It offers some of the best home building locations in Florida. Southwest Florida has white sand beaches, long stretches of canals, some of the best fishing in the state, hundreds of elite golf courses and a bustling nightlife when you’re close to a city. When you live here, you get the best of all worlds and can create a lifestyle that embodies the vision you’ve had planned for your future, all while coming home every night to a luxury custom built home. Locations like Naples, Bonita Beach and Marco Island offer plenty of land for you to complete your luxury home on the Gulf of Mexico or a canal. If you’re looking for a more of a downtown feel while having the option to take your boat out and to the gulf through any of the canals that take you there. Southwest Florida has it all when it comes to custom waterfront home building!

5. Your waterfront home comes with a warranty.

Because Divco understands that building a waterfront home will be one of the largest investments you ever make, they take it very seriously. When you complete your waterfront home project with Divco, you’re automatically given the 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty. This warranty program is one Divco has participated in for over 30 years. The 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty covers your home for 10 full years of structural home warranty protection under the nation’s leading home warranty company.