Five Ideas for Your Dream Luxury Barn in Southwest Florida
Five Ideas for Your Dream Luxury Barn in Southwest Florida

When one thinks of Southwest Florida, white-sand beaches and palm trees might come to mind. For others, a dream property or even a dream luxury barn is what lights their fire. With the help of Divco Custom Homes, here’s how you can build your dream luxury barn in Southwest Florida.

Craft a custom horse barn

Divco Custom Homes can help you build your dream estate in Southwest Florida by adding a custom horse barn to your property. Areas in Southwest Florida, like Golden Gate Estates, offer opportunities – both in terms of zoning as well as acreage — for large animals such as horses. Adding a space for these four-legged-friends will help them live their best lives, especially because Florida sees an average of 7-inches of rainfall during the summer months and you’ll want to shelter your animals during the rainy seasons. During the dry months, the Florida heat can get over 100°F, meaning it’s essential for you to house your horses from the sun.

Don’t forget about your boat

An estate property in Southwest Florida gives you the best of both worlds — an opportunity to enjoy life on the water – be it a canal or a lake – and the ability to enjoy outdoor land activities. If you opt for land that fronts a canal, Divco Custom Homes can help you customize your estate with a dock to launch your kayak, canoe or skiff. These experienced home builders can also create a custom dock for your waterfront home in order for you to store your boat.

If land on the water isn’t available or an option, Divco Custom Homes is happy to take on the challenge of building a custom space for your boat wherever you live.

Don’t skimp on garage space

Barns are oftentimes built on larger homesites than traditional homes. With the extra space, Divco Custom Homes can add additional space to your barn to house all of your extra toys.

With more than 35 years of experience, Divco Custom Homes can create dream garage spaces that serve as major storage facilities for your most prized possessions.  From antique or luxury cars, all-terrain vehicles, boats, jet skis and more, be sure there’s plenty of space to indulge your sporty fashions.

When storing these important assets, it’s essential that you hire trusted builders to create spaces that not only look the part, but also safely keep your toys out of harms-way, as many of your assets require dry storage and extra protection.

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Add a guest loft

With a home as unique as yours in a prime Southwest Florida location, family and friends are going to want to visit. Adding a guest loft to your barn is the perfect way to carve out some extra space for family and friends to visit, and just steps away from the action in your home.  

Not only does a guest loft offer friends and family a place to stay, but some owners take advantage of their extra space by renting it out to owner operated vacation services such as AirBNB and VRBO.

Consider building in Golden Gate Estates

Golden Gate Estates is a prime location to build your dream luxury barn in Southwest Florida. With land parcels ranging from one to ten acres, and from entry-level homes to stunning mansions, The Estates is one of the few places where land is still available and has become a resource for custom home builders such as  Divco.

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