Dealing with the Material Shortage in the Custom Homes Industry
Dealing with the Material Shortage in the Custom Homes Industry

We have all been affected by the pandemic in more ways than one. Now that we have come to terms with the way our world is now, we deal with supply chain bottlenecks and materials shortages around the globe. Southwest Florida was not spared in this material shortage, as we see new businesses and construction companies struggling to hold onto their suppliers and staying first in line for the necessary building materials needed to complete the job.

Build Smart Relationships 

There are a few ways in which these businesses can handle these supply chain issues. Firstly, one must be able to establish a relationship with their subcontractors and suppliers. A loyal relationship with your subcontractors and suppliers can create many benefits and prolong the longevity of your business. 

Suppliers want to know they are getting the best price for their goods and services within the current market, in turn, you want to show the suppliers that you are able to make sales. In order to establish a loyal supplier, you’ll want to show them your turnover rates when selling and the demand for custom home building. 

Creating long-lasting relationships with your subcontractors is important too. Keeping up with the times on compensation for services and enlisting a close client-to-subcontractor approach is beneficial to all parties involved. 

Material Shortage for Custom Homes

Don’t Compromise on Quality

Although material shortages can put you at a disadvantageous point, do not compromise on the quality of your home builds. Always use the best quality materials you can procure; you do not want poor build quality and materials to blunder your reputation as a luxury home builder. More people will respect a high-quality build that took longer than a poor-quality build done quickly. 

Precision, perfection, and luxury quality take time. Luxury homes should always be built to last and to weather the times. This consists of high quality, pressure-treated wood, perfectly fitted windows and door frames, structural integrity in the areas of land that could shift over time, and more. You will want to think of every detail, not just of the way the materials look, but their effectiveness, longevity, and overall contribution to the build. 

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Look into the future and create a 5-year plan

Creating a 5-year plan will give you focus and direction in the steps necessary to reach your goals. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Giving your business a guideline on where you are headed next is paramount to the morale and motivation of your employees and team. Create new models of homes and stay on the cutting edge of home building and design. 

Another way to build a 5-year plan is to make an educated prediction of the future of the housing market in areas prime for new building sites. Looking at all aspects of the housing market, staying knowledgeable on newer in-home features for your clients, and being willing to take calculated risks to be a frontrunner of the custom homes industry can only improve your chances of success in the next 5 years.

The Divco Difference

One business utilizes all these ideologies and to its advantage has become the best-known luxury home builder in Southwest Florida. From having great relationships with their clients and subcontractors to being a high priority on the supplier list having access to the best materials. Divco has used their knowledge of the custom home market and weighed in all the necessary factors that could bring them a disadvantage and have quelled it from the start. 

Divco Custom Homes has been delivering homes on time and on budget for over 35 years. As a leader in custom luxury home building and design, Divco has become a reliable powerhouse of quality luxury home builds and a dignified full-service business with outstanding customer service. 

If you are looking to build a luxury custom home complete with all your desired traits, contact Divco Custom Homes at 239-592-7222. Discover the Divco difference and browse our gallery of previous projects and model homes.