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How We Make Our Custom Luxury Homes Come to Life | A Builder’s Guide

Luxury custom home building is not a beginner’s game, especially in Southwest Florida where the competition is fierce. During the 35 years Divco Custom Homes has been in business, we’ve earned our reputation as the premier luxury custom home builder in Southwest Florida because we understand that quality custom homes begin with quality processes. Here’s the Divco Custom Homes’ builder’s guide on how we make our custom luxury homes come to life:

Stage 1: We help you choose your homesite

You’ve heard it before because it’s true, it’s all about location, location, location. Because the location of your home matters greatly, determining where you’d like to build is the first step in our process. Before construction begins, it’s important to consider your needs, hobbies, priorities and how they relate to the location you’d like to live. Are you looking for a golf community, want to live near the beach, are you an avid boater or have other interests that are important to you? Asking yourself these questions will help you narrow the location of your homesite selection.

You’re not alone in this process. A New Homes Sales Consultant at Divco Custom Homes can help you research and navigate the many communities and neighborhoods where we have a presence. While we offer these tools as a builder, we encourage our clients to do their own research and gain as much insight as possible from trusted friends, a licensed realtor or the sales staff members that are located within the communities themselves.

Stage 2: We help you set your expectations

After determining the ideal location for your home, it’s time to set your expectations and set them realistically. While we as a builder will do everything in our power to make your dream home come to life, there may be zoning and city regulations beyond our control that must be considered. Because we’re experts and have years of experience in this process, our team will do our best to keep you grounded and not make any promises we cannot keep. To best understand our capabilities as a builder, we invite you to visit our furnished models for real-life examples of our capabilities. This is an excellent opportunity to see, touch and feel our quality workmanship. If one of our current models doesn’t quite fit your vision, many of our former clients will happily open up their homes for your inspection.

Stage 3: We help set the standards of finishes

Next, we help the homeowner set the standards for their finishes in our Design Studio. Our Design Studio is unique to Divco Custom Homes and was created to allow the homeowner to set the standards for finishes as a prelude to our four-phase selection process.

Stage 4: We review your conceptual design/working drawings

With our decades of experience, we’ve nearly perfected our homebuilding process and selected only the most qualified team members to get the job done. During this stage, our talented team creates conceptual designs or working drawings using information we’ve gathered from the homeowner. We then develop a home design that matches your vision. By viewing your home in this manner before you enter an official agreement with our company, we ensure the home we build for you will truly check all your boxes as your dream home.

The Ridgeway Custom Home Interior

Stage 5: We create the construction agreement

Next, a construction agreement is drafted. Once signed by the homeowner, this document ensures we will execute your dream home with the exact plans, specifications and established standards at your selected homesite. From here, we’re able to move into the construction phase which includes the engineering and other requirements for permitting.

Stage 6: Our Designer helps you select your finishes

During our design process, you will receive professional guidance from our Divco Color Selection Consultant, while viewing many visual aids in our on-site Design Studio. We have thousands of options in our Design Studio, however, if the color or product you’re looking for isn’t available, we have many connections with specialty vendors with exceptional showrooms that are happy to help.

Stage 7: You watch your home become a reality

In stage 7, the building officially begins! We begin to transform your dream home into reality. We’re available throughout the building process to guide you through your journey.

Stage 8: Management closely communicates with you

Because it’s normal for fresh ideas, questions, curiosity or even concerns from time to time will come up during the homebuilding process, our management team will communicate closely with you during this stage. Complete and open communication from our administrative staff, customer liaisons, field management and onsite management teams are available at all times to assist, clarify and resolve matters that impact your new home. Never hesitate to reach out during this process!

Stage 9: You make your grand entrance

What started with a vision led to a decision on where to build your home. You chose Divco Custom Homes, and your journey began. With Divco at your side every step of the way, your dream home is now a reality and it’s uniquely yours. You have arrived at the much-anticipated final stop in your Divco customer journey. Now, make your grand entrance. Welcome home!

Our homebuilding processes and Builder’s Guide are unique to Divco Custom Homes. We’re eager to show you why we’re the best in the business. Divco is a luxury custom home builder that has over 35 years of experience and has completed over 1,200 of Southwest Florida’s most notable luxury homes. In addition to custom luxury home building, they also offer remodeling services to redesign your home into your beachy dream. For more information on their experience and process, visit the Divco Custom Homes website at