Divco Testimonial:

"Our home management company, which manages homes in upscale communities throughout Southwest Florida, said the construction of our home surpasses most of the homes they manage. If there is an occasion in the future to build another home, we would certainly consider Divco again!"

Lester H. and Nancy C. McKeever

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Treanna Pool

Grey Oaks


Rear Elev

Our Process

Homes Built to Your Lifestyle

First Stage

Location. Location. Location.

You have heard it before, but it is true; your selected home site location matters a great deal for many reasons. Align your priorities and develop a clear path, be it the beach, boating, the arts, golf or some other amenity that is important to you. There are several ways to narrow your homesite selection.


Stage Two

Open Communication

Take enjoyment in the development of your new home, engage in open communication and enjoy the experience of having your new personal residence designed and constructed by a competent team of experienced professionals you will find at DIVCO Custom Homes. We listen to what you have to say and ask the right questions that assist in building a strong relationship based upon trust, respect and competence.


Stage Three

Welcome to Our Design Studio

DIVCO experience has enabled them to develop a customer process that assists in the visualization of the proposed home and brings the desired finishing levels to life. DIVCO’s Design Studio has been put together to assist the homeowner is establishing the desired standards for the home and then in turn the actual finishes.


Stage Four

Capturing Your Vision

DIVCO’s team capability enables us to develop Conceptual Designs or complete working drawings prior to entering a Construction Agreement with a home buyer, depending on the scope of the home. Transforming the information gathered from previous meetings and discussions enables us to develop a home design that depicts your vision.


Stage Five

Plans and Specifications

The Construction Agreement is the result of the efforts put forth by the entire team culminating in the construction documents that describe the work to be performed by DIVCO’s team of professionals.


Stage Six

Customized Digital Color Book

With the professional guidance of the DIVCO Color Selection Consultant, the Four (4) Phase selection process has been simplified by providing many finishing visual aids to the on site Design Studio. This process will ultimately culminate in a digital color book that represents the selections made with the Color Selection Consultant.


Stage Seven

Where Vision Becomes Reality

We are about to transform this early visionary idea to reality. The culmination of these thoughts and emotions is about to start and take form as a fully personalized custom residence. The homeowner will no doubt experience a range of thoughts and ideas during the process. The DIVCO team is there to be with you throughout the journey.


Stage Eight

Always a Call Away

There will be times during construction that the homeowner’s presence will be vitally important, there will be times that the homeowner simply wants to take in the experience and realize the personalized fruits of their effort.


Final Stage

Your Home. Your Way. Welcome.

It started with an idea and a vision. It led to a decision on where to build your home, an affirmation of your lifestyle. The vision then transformed to a Florida home on paper. In many ways, it consumed your thought process; it created a level of elated concerns not often experienced in life. With DIVCO at your side at every step of your journey, it is now a reality. It is distinctly YOURS. You have arrived at the much anticipated final stop in your DIVCO customer journey. Welcome home!