About the Design/Build Approach and Why it's Superior
About the Design/Build Approach and Why it’s Superior to Other Homebuilding Processes

The Design/Build approach to custom home building has a singular focus but provides many benefits to the homeowner. Here are three reasons why the Design/Build approach is superior to other homebuilding processes.

The project owner will work with a single point of contact

In traditional homebuilding, a builder is appointed separately from an architect. In the Design/Build approach to custom homebuilding, a single entity acts as the point of contact for both construction and design of the home’s interior and exterior.

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The Design/Build team, working under one contract with the project owner, provides both design and construction services. A single point of contact is then identified who reports to the customer on behalf of an entire team of architects, structural engineers, landscape architects and more. This contact is in place to make sure your project is on schedule and the team is communicating effectively and transparently with you. By having a single point of contact during the building process, the homeowner can get any questions answered faster, streamlining communication and alleviating stress. It can also help lower risk and overall project costs.

There’s a comforting sense of teamwork

There is no “I” in team and the Design/Build approach to homebuilding could not be accomplished by just one individual. The collaboration that’s fostered between all parties as a result of the Design/Build methodology creates a comforting sense of teamwork throughout the construction of your new home. Building teams that utilize the Design/Build approach are oftentimes more cohesive, a benefit that homeowners instantly identify, fostering a sense of trust amongst all parties involved.

Your home will be completed faster

Thanks to the Design/Build process, project timelines are often streamlined because the building and design team works so closely together during your project. Homeowners who work with a homebuilder utilizing the Design/Build process finish their projects immensely more satisfied than those who do not.

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