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A Builder’s Guide: How We Make Our Custom Luxury Homes Come to Life

A luxury home should always be custom to the owner. It should be a symbol of the owner’s personal taste and be functional to their needs. It should withstand the intense weather in Florida and also remain elegant and beautiful, and most importantly it should last for many years after its construction.

The cornerstones of building a proper luxury home are the labor, dedication, and process that go into establishing them. From the initial design phase and drawings to the finishes, the permits, and the construction agreement, making sure each step in the process of building a beautiful luxury home is done with utmost precision and accuracy all the while building efficiently and to the standards of the client. Only the most experienced and determined home builders can pull off these major feats.

Divco Custom Homes is no stranger to hard work and extraordinary outcomes. With an 8-step design and construction process, Divco Custom Homes has perfected the way luxury homes are being built for the whole of Southwest Florida, all while making the client a part of every decision during the home building process.

Step 1: Choose your homesite

Homesite selection is a pertinent part of starting the design process, taking into consideration location-based amenities, communities, proximity to beaches, restaurants, and schools will be useful to determine the location of a home, making it easier for you to have access to the lifestyle of your choice on your terms. Homesite selection is one of, if not the most vital factor in developing a new home, and most would consider the home’s location being the main selling factor.

Step 2: Set your expectations

Setting your expectations when it involves the budget and quality of your home should be your next priority. Seeing and feeling the quality and workmanship of your home builder while also planning a budget with the building consultants can create an open field of communication with your builder, ensuring everything you want is included in the construction of your custom luxury home.

Step 3: Conceptual Design/Working Drawings

Whether you want your home completely custom-made from the ground up or if you would like to alter existing Divco home floor plans, we have you covered. All floorplans and home front designs are created before the signing of the contract/agreement to start building the house. This builds confidence in customer relationships with the home builder as if they change their mind or would prefer a different design, they are not contractually stuck into something they aren’t fully happy with.

Step 4: The Construction Agreement

The Divco construction agreement incorporates all agreed-upon construction papers that outline the work to be executed by Divco’s team of specialists, such as drawings and specifications with set standards and the homeowner’s home site selection. These documents, when combined, allow the process to move on to the building phase.

Step 5: Select the finishes with the designer

Throughout the building process, we designate a liaison who personally helps the clients through all the selections to the closing of the home. The client may select luxury finishes to their liking, from cabinets to appliances, moldings, countertops stone, and a plethora of customizable options that allow you to work alongside our team and have equal control over the outcome of the finished home.

Step 6: Watch your Home become a Reality

Transparency with the builders of your home, open communication with each person working on the project. Peace of mind when it comes to the previous factors of the home build process including selected finishes and an open line of communication and collaboration with the builders to assure that your luxury home is exactly to your liking. During the construction process, you will be able to have an open line of communication with the entire team, you will know what their specialty is and know of their experience in their field. We want to build confidence with our clients, knowing the job we’ve done efficiently and to their standards, the client will be a part of the building process through and through.

Step 7: Close Communication with field management

It is natural for there to be new ideas, questions, interests (and even concerns) from time to time. Our administrative personnel, customer liaisons, field management, and onsite management teams are always accessible to assist, clarify, and resolve issues affecting your new home. Please do not hesitate to contact us at (239) 592-7222.

Step 8: Make your grand entrance

This will be the moment you witness all of the hard work our team has done to bring your dream into reality. With all of your finishes picked and your specifications realized, you are now able to move in and start your comfortable life of luxury in your very own Divco custom home.

If you are interested in using an experienced builder in creating the perfect luxury custom home, Divco Custom Homes is your number one choice. You can learn more about our process and view previous developments at DivcoHomes.com or call 239-592-7222 for more information.