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Are you thinking about remodeling?

You're not alone!

In Southwest Florida, gorgeous home sites abound. Yet, many of those same sites include an existing structure that is far less than gorgeous. Interior wall placement feels claustrophobic compared to today's open floor plans, ceilings are low and create a dark cave-like feeling, fixtures and floor coverings look dingy and dated, the exterior elevation is bland and behind-the-times… the list goes on. You look at your property and envision a completely different home structure than what you see in front of you. You have a very healthy budget to work with; you can afford all the beautiful appointments that you see in the brand-new luxury model homes, design centers and house-planning websites. You love your location, but in order to get the dream home you desire, remodeling seems like the best solution. But is it?

Should you remodel or build your dream custom home from the ground up?

It's a tough question.

While both options allow you to customize according to your preferences, each path dictates a unique set of steps that require time, energy and significant emotional investment. Thankfully, you've already taken the most important step: you have selected a location where you can live the lifestyle you envision. Just not in that house. Yours is a far more common thought process in Southwest Florida than you might realize as some of the most desirable land in our area was developed over three decades ago! In the same way tasteful people wouldn't want to be seen in clothing from that era, discriminating homeowners don't want to live within the outdated architectural and design standards of that era either. And that's why remodeling and rebuilding is an at all-time high on the west coast of Florida.

It is certainly possible to knock down interior walls to yield a more desirable open concept floor plan, create an addition to increase your living area, reface an exterior, completely reconstruct an old pool and outdoor living area, update kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms with contemporary lighting, plumbing, appliances and install new, energy-efficient technology and replace major mechanical systems. But once a property buyer counts the cost of such extreme renovations (including the addition of code-friendly structural changes), they may ultimately opt to demolish the existing structure and start over from scratch.

If you are in the process of choosing whether to remodel an existing home or build the custom luxury home of your dreams, we highly recommend that you contact us to talk about your options. DIVCO Custom Homes will be happy to walk your property with you and discuss the possibilities. We've been building people's dreams for over 30 years all over Southwest Florida, so whether you recently bought an aging property with the intention of remodeling, or you've lived your current structure for 20 years, we understand what draws you to your home site's location. It's why we live and work here too.

We invite you to begin a conversation with a member of our DIVCO team about what it would take to either remodel your existing structure to your specifications or start over and build your luxury dream home. (And, of course, there's never a charge for a conversation.)

Whether you choose new construction or remodeling, DIVCO would be honored to lead you on the journey to your home, your way. Regardless of your choice, you owe it to yourself to learn as much as you can in order to make an informed decision.

Headquartered in Naples, Florida, DIVCO has been creating Southwest Florida's most recognizable luxury homes since 1984 - much longer than most home builders in Southwest Florida. DIVCO develops luxury, custom homes at the most coveted addresses in prestigious gated communities and waterfront neighborhoods in Naples, Marco Island, Estero and Bonita Springs.

Divco Testimonial:

"Our entire experience with Divco, from the kick-off meeting to final walk-through, has truly exceeded our expectations. The process and system to manage the construction of our home were flawless. No details were missed, no surprises occurred... We look forward to many years of enjoyment in our new home with family and friends. Thank you to the Divco team for not just building a house, but for creating a home."

Bruce and Shonna Swift

"Having built multiple homes with Divco, we have been a happy customer for over 15 years. We have appreciate the positive, sustainable relationship we have experienced with ALL Divco representatives plus a great product every time! Any prospective client needs to know that, with Divco, there is always someone available for reassurance and direction regarding any inquiry at any time during the journey. Thank you, Divco, for a job well done!"

Richard and Karen Jury

"Our home management company, which manages homes in upscale communities throughout Southwest Florida, said the construction of our home surpasses most of the homes they manage. If there is an occasion in the future to build another home, we would certainly consider Divco again!"

Lester H. and Nancy C. McKeever

"It is a great pleasure to express our appreciation to the entire Divco staff for the magnificent home you constructed for us on Marco Island. The entire process has been painless and the cooperation and assistance by your entire staff has been nothing short of phenomenal."

Bart and Cathy Coulter

"Building such a large home from a distance can be a scary undertaking but Divco made the process less stressful from start to finish... We look forward to spending many happy years in our beautiful Divco home."

Mary and Michael Swanick

"Having been the general contractor on our personal residence here in Illinois (a 6,500-square-foot custom home), I know that the building process ahead will hold some unexpected challenges but we feel very comfortable that Divco will be able to deliver with the same 'after-sale' professionalism."

John and Mary Costello

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